Technology Services

Region 17 Technology Services

Region 17 provides several free services:
• Technology Solutions meetings for district technology staff
•  E-Rate Update training
• Peer review of district technology plans
TETN Network
Support districts with regional technology plans and grants

We offer several contracted services:
Purpose: This cooperative provides technology resources including internet content filtering; email filtering, archiving and backup; cloud services; network and server traffic resource monitor; and technical support.  Many of the services utilize the ESC 17 Data Center that is protected by a UPS power system, emergency power generator, a climate controlled environment, and an electronic access control door system. 

Technology services include:

• Internet content filtering and support 
• E-Mail Backup
• Network and Server Traffic Resource Monitor
• Network Support
• Network Infrastructure Technology
• Network Consulting
• Desktop Support
• Network Backup - Disaster Recovery
• Virtual Server Hosting

Purpose: The cooperative provides E-Rate eligible technology resources including e-mail storage; high speed access to the Internet; and web hosting. 

Please note these services begin in July and end in June each year.

E-mail services include:
Basic e-mail
Enhanced e-mail storage

Internet Access services include:
High-speed Basic Conduit Access to the Internet
Firewall Protection

Web Hosting 
services include:
Software applications
Content editing support for districts’ web pages 

Purpose: As the fiscal agent of the Region 17 Information Network, ESC staff provides support, training, and technical assistance for Interactive Television Network (ITV) distance learning projects, including master scheduling responsibilities. Distance learning includes opportunities for dual credit, high school credit, higher education credit, as well as professional development and information dissemination for district staff. Network monitoring and trouble shooting on site and via remote access, developing and publicizing virtual field trips, access to planned South Plains College semester schedules, and facilitation of requested ITV events are included for consortium member districts.

ITV services include:
ITV Scheduling
Virtual Field Trips

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