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About Us

Region 17 Technology strives to decrease the burden of IT related issues. We aim to assist all our schools with great services, and support. We are proud to support West Texas and are thankful for our amazing customers.

Technology Services
Purpose: This cooperative provides technology resources geared towards networking; and technical support.
Purpose: This cooperative provides technology resources geared internet content filtering; email filtering, archiving and backup and cloud services.
Purpose: As the fiscal agent of the Region 17 Information Network, ESC staff provides support, training, and technical assistance for Interactive Television Network (ITV) distance learning projects, including master scheduling responsibilities. Distance learning includes opportunities for dual credit, high school credit, higher education credit, as well as professional development and information dissemination for district staff.
Purpose: This cooperative provides some free technology resources geared towards E-Rate training, peer reviewed technology plans, and support with grants.
free services
Purpose: This cooperative provides E-Rate eligible technology resources including e-mail storage; high speed access to the Internet; and web hosting. 
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