Securly Internet Content Filtering Services

Region 17 is happy to offer Internet Content filtering through Securly.  Securly filter is 100% cloud based and can help keep your students safe on all devices – including Chromebooks, iPads, Macs, and Windows devices.

Get full visibility into online activity, download or email reports, and receive notifications for flagged Content with the most sophisticated AI engine in student safety.  Securly will not only give you the ability to monitor what sites are being visited but can also give you the ability to see when signs of cyberbullying, suicide, and violence across socal networking and web searches are flagged.  If a student is suffering in any of these areas, you can be notified so that you can help deal with these concerns.

Districts that do not come to Region 17 for their Internet services can also purchase filtering.  Securly will integrate seamlessly into your G-Suite or Office 365 deployment and give you full control of your filtering experience.

For more information contact:
Kyle Plumlee
Network Specialist
(806) 281-5851