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Services to school districts for data and data collection systems intended to ensure efficiency and accuracy of data submissions. This contract encompasses all areas of TSDS including PEIMS. The enhanced levels of services include additional training, information and consulting assistance with PEIMS and data collection systems.
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Chris Vera
Coordinator, IMS
P: (806) 281-5843
E: chrisv@esc17.net
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Our Information Management Services Team...
Chris Vera
Coordinator, Information Management Services

(806) 281-5843
E: chrisv@esc17.net
Cindy Mills
Student Information Management Specialist

 (806) 281-5824
E: cindymills@esc17.net
Melinda Martinez 
Student Information Management Specialist

 (806) 281-5813
E: mmartinez@esc17.net
Bryan Long
Technology Information Management Specialist

(806) 281-5709
E: blong@esc17.net
Jessica Coronado

Student Information Management Specialist

(806) 281-5834
E: jcoronado@esc17.net

Vicki Hobbs
Student Information Management Specialist

(806) 281-5838
E: vhobbs@esc17.net
Cassie Babbs
Support Staff

 (806) 281-5713
E: cbabbs@esc17.net
Services are provided at three levels based on district needs. 
Level One
Services include limited information resources and consulting assistance to school districts needing occasional guidance or assistance with issues concerning data collection systems including PEIMS and TSDS.
Level Two
Services offered include detailed reviews of data submissions, additional training, additional information, and consulting assistance with data collection submissions and systems. Region 17 also offers OnDataSuite software at discounted pricing to analyze district data on a hosted server.
Level Three
Region 17 staff coordinate and process district PEIMS data. The services offered include: 

  • PET file submission
  • Review of PID errors and dual enrollment reports
  • Extracts, submissions,and verification of PEIMS data for each submission
  • Coordination and review of district PEIMS reports for reasonableness
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