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Services for Students who are Blind or Visually Impaired (TxBVI) is a component of Texas Sensory Support Network (TxSSN) of the Texas Education Agency (TEA).  TxBVI ensures the provision of support to children (0-21) with blindness/visual impairment or deafblindness, their families, and the professionals who serve them, through collaboration which is essential for the education of students in this population.  Regional ESCs in Texas have BVI Specialists who provide educational consultative services.  If Region 17 may be of service to you, please contact Deanne Goen, BVI Specialist.  (contact information below)   

BVI Resources

(listed alphabetically)

  Visual Impairment          Deaf-Blindness          Multiple Disabilities 

  • Low Vision Evaluation (LVE) Request form LVEReqForm.pdf  low vision word graphic
    Low Vision is a Loss of Sight that Makes Everyday Life Challenging   
           The process for LVE is detailed on page 13 of Resources for People with Visual Impairments (link listed below). 
  • NEW TVI GUIDANCE - a checklist to get the new TVI started on a successful journey

  • Visual Impairment Scales of Service Intensity of Texas (VISSIT & O&M VISSIT)
          - VI  Visual Impairment Scale of Service Intensity of Texas logo        O&M VISSIT O and M Visual Impairment Scale of Service Intensity of Texas logo

  • Wonder Baby CaringCalm.org
    Website dedicated to helping parents of young children with BVI as well as children with multiple disabilities.   


Technical Assistance:

  • Assist districts with TEA VI Registration
  • Assist districts with the Deaf/Blind Census
  • Acquisition of APH materials
  • Assistive Technology Loan Program
  • Interagency Coordination


  • Staff development for assessing students with suspected blindness/visual impairments, and for reassessing students with blindness/visual impairments
  • Staff development for serving students with blindness/visual impairments


  • Provide technical support for assistive device considerations
  • Coordinate Low Vision Clinics
  • Provide technical support for Functional Vision Evaluations, Learning Media Assessments, Orientation and Mobility Evaluations, and assessing areas of the Expanded Core Curriculum



Region 17 ESC Contacts:
Deanne Goen
Deanne Goen
Education Specialist, Blindness/Visual Impairment
(806) 281-5712


Alma Reinhart

Evelyn Gilson
Support Staff
(806) 281-5867