ACE Accountability, Compliance , and eGrants Management Contracts

This division of the Region 17 ESC provides information and technical assistance to ensure that districts maintain a high level of integrity on both federal and state funding expenditures, applications and compliance requirements.
Accountability and Monitoring Support

  • Facilitate ESC Services for Accountability or OCR Monitoring Visits
  • Assist district/campus administration in analyzing data for accountability and monitoring assessment
  • Assist districts in meeting federal program requirements in DIP/CIP planning
  • Aid districts in creating meaningful and effective parental engagement strategies, policies and procedures
  • Assist district personnel in federal funding and program audits
Compliance and E-Grant Management
  • Assist, submit and negotiate SAS Consolidated Federal Application. Programs include:
  • Title I Part A
  • Title I Part C
  • Title II Part A
  • Title III (LEP)
  • Title VI Part B Subpart II
  • Assist with amendments to all programs in the SAS Consolidated Federal Application
  • Provide guidance on funding and program compliance for each grant
Program Compliance
  • Assist Gun-Free report
  • Prepare and submit SAS Consolidated Program Evaluation Report
  • Assist Private Non Profit (PNP) report (required by all districts)
  • Prepare and submit Highly Qualified Teacher Reports
  • Provide training and support services for Site Based Decision teams
  • Facilitate coordination of PAR visits with TEA staff
State Compensatory Education
  • Provide assistance with SCE requirements for Campus/District Plans
Professional Development
  • Training and workshops around grant reporting and ESSA compliance issues
  • Administrator Round-Table discussions to highlight current issues and trends
  • ESC hosted planning sessions
A.C.E. staff will conduct district visits on an as-needed basis
Additional Resources
  • Accountability and Compliance Bulletin
  • Federal/State Program Templates
Services provided at no cost to ALL districts without need for a contract

  • Professional Development as designed approved and provided by TEA:
  • Parent involvement policies, compacts and requirements
  • Campus planning and Title I components
  • School Improvement Grant
  • Title I fiscal issue, campus allocations, and campus selection
  • Private school participation
  • ESSA Consolidated Application for Funding and Compliance Reports
  • High Quality Professional Development
  • Technical Assistance:
  • Program compliance monitoring
  • ESSA validation processes
  • Consolidated ESSA Application
For more information:

Francisco Rodriguez
Education Specialist Title I/ACE 
(806) 281-5890
Andrea M. Juarez
Education Specialist Title I/ACE
(806) 281-5888
Camie Holcombe
Education Specialist Title I/ACE
(806) 281-5808
Annette Corrales
Education Specialist Title I/ACE Support
(806) 281-5825