USDA - United States Department of Agriculture
WTFSC has created this page to provide you with any USDA information that pertains to Schools, Child Nutrition, USDA Foods, changes in dietary guidelines, etc... If you are looking for something specific with USDA and don't see it on this page, please feel free to contact Keri Warnick at 806.281.5707.
USDA Accepts these products (to date) as milk, with TDA approval:
* Pacific Natural Foods - Ultra Soy Plain
* Pacific Natural Foods - Ultra Soy Vanilla
* Stremicks heritage Foods - 8th continent Soymilk Original
"Cool" Link to all the USDA Commodities and Quick Links to the Facts Sheets !
CLICK HERE .... to get the list of commodities offered by USDA for SY13-14. All regular/brown box commodities have a link to the fact sheet. Any commodities highlighted in yellow are "processed commodities" and will not have a link to a fact sheet.
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